NGO Polio Eradication Project (RFA-OAA-17-000003)

"A complete application consists of the following documents:

1) Technical Application:
a) Cover Page
b) Table of Contents
c) Acronym List
d) Executive Summary
e) Situational Analysis and Program Strategy Section f) Gender Analysis and Strategy Section
g) Personnel and Management Plan Section
h) Organizational Capability Section
i) Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Section
j) Technical Attachments

  • Past Performance References for key personnel: three Past Performance Short Forms, for the applicant and for each sub-partner (see Annex A).
  •  Signed letters of support acknowledging intent to collaborate, from any stated partners or sub-awardees
  • Map(s) with scale of the proposed program locations
  • Level of effort table
  • Personnel Matrix
  • Resumes
  • Letters of Interest to Participate/ Letters of Commitment
  • Project Organogram
  • Potential Integration Plan

2)  Cost Application:
a) Cover Page
b) Completed SF 424 Form(s):

  • SF-424, Application for Federal Assistance,
  • SF-424A, Budget Information – Non-construction Programs, and
  • SF-424B, Assurances – Non-construction Programs.

c) Summary and Detailed Budget(s) in Excel Format
d) Budget Narrative(s) in Word Format
e) Certifications and Representations
f) Supporting documentation (if applicable)

3)  Branding Strategy and Marking Plan (will be requested before award from the apparently successful applicant only and is not required by the RFA closing date) 

Eligibility Requirements
USAID welcomes applications from organizations that have not previously worked with the Agency. To be eligible for a cooperative agreement under this funding opportunity, an organization must be any of the following types of organizations:

  1. PVOs - Organizations that meet the Conditions of Registration as Private voluntary organizations. To register with USAID as a PVO, please refer to USAID’s website at for complete information and guidance.
  2. Nonprofit organizations - Organizations that meet the definition of 2 CFR 200.70
  3. For-profit organizations – NGOs that are not non-profit organizations. While for-profit
  4. firms may participate, pursuant to 2 CFR 200.400(g) it is USAID policy not to award profit to prime recipients and subrecipients under assistance instruments. This is discussed more specifically in ADS 303sai “Profit under USAID Assistance Instruments,” which can be found at this link:
  5. U.S. and non-U.S. Universities
  6. Foreign Organizations (referred to as non-U.S. NGOs) – either nonprofit or for-profit
  7. organizations that meet the definition in 2 CFR 200.47. 

All applicants are required to include a minimum cost share of 10% of the projected USAID funded amount. 

Prospective applicants who have questions concerning the contents of this RFA shall submit them in writing by email only to no later than the date and time indicated above. 

Only applications submitted electronically VIA will be accepted."  

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February 17th, 2017

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